Welcome to my little description about me

In the next few lines I will briefly introduce myself and my passions. Happy Coding and Life!


About me

Hey my name is David Koenig

My name is David and I am a lover of programming and very fond of software development. I discovered my passion for programming in my youth when I spent a year in high school in America and then revived it about 10 years ago. I also like to be in nature, be it cycling or sailing, as a balance.

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Coding Language

Swift, Dart and Python

I've released a few apps over the last few years. Not only for me, but also for others. I started app development with the Swift programming language, then Dart (Flutter) and Python were added. As a result, I don't limit myself to the Apple ecosystem, but also go into the Windows, Linux or Android areas. Have a look.

I always try to make my apps available for older operating systems as much as possible. Of course I bring in features for the newer operating systems.

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Team Seenotretter

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One of my apps is particularly close to my heart. This is my little companion app "Sail Learn" for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The app is intended for sailing beginners or for brushing up on knowledge. In the app, I encourage users to donate directly or indirectly to the sea rescuers. This allowed me, with the help of the users, to donate to the sea rescuers out of turn. I like to donate to the sea rescuers because I feel committed to water sports.

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Social Media

sometimes i'm a grouch

I can be found on some social platforms (but not on facebook). Being very introverted, I rarely post. This has nothing to do with arrogance, but I think several times before I post something. However, I will try to change it in the future. For example, I'm on Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn and also Instagram. You can find the links on this page.

Get in touch

You can find more on my main page, where you can also find my portfolio, among other things. I also run a blog, a think tank, where I post about software development at will. Hereby you have a little profile about me. Feel free to contact me and I am also open to constructive criticism.